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Finding folks, like you, the right log cabin in the Poconos is what we do. Since, the region is over 2400 square miles and has over 300 communities, finding the right log home in the right neighborhood, on your own, can be a daunting task.

Pocono Log Home For Sale

The good news is: after 40 years of practicing real estate here, we have seen all the neighborhoods and many of the log homes. So, fill in this form for information on Pocono Log Homes and tell us what you want in a home (think… describe the ideal home with price range, number of bedrooms and baths, size, what activities you would like to be near, general distance from where you now live and anything else important to you about the log home you want) and we will send back some suggestions. Feel free to call and ask questions 570-517-2428

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As you browse through the Poconos Log home listings below, you will discover the natural beauty and quality of Log and Timber Homes. Distinctive log homes in the Pocono region come in a variety of styles and floor plans. There are log homes designed for rustic or luxurious living, there are some designed for energy efficiency and total livability and some are just cheap log cabins in the woods.

Since there are over 300 communities in the mountains here in Eastern Pennsylvania, with most having, at least, a few log homes, one of the most important criteria that our client have to consider is …. neighborhood. You’ll want to think about what activities you want close by.. is skiing important to your family, medical care, privacy? All of these would need to be considered as we go through the process of finding you the right home. Let us know on the form.

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Most Log and Timber Homes are made for year-round living or are easily converted.

Many of our clients also consider cedar homes. While these are few and far between and will not be listed as “Log Homes” on any of the lists below, they have the same rustic and warm feel as a log home. To include your acceptance of one of these homes, let us know on the form… just say “I would consider a cedar home” and when we send you suggestions, we’ll include these on the list.

Let’s start with the Log Home most often requested… Lakefront Log Homes.

Then under that list will be all Log Homes.

Now Here are all the log homes in the area currently for sale.

Want more information on Log Homes in the Poconos? Send us your criteria and we’ll send back a short list that matches: