Pocono Real Estate Agents

Poconos Real Estate Agents

Company: USA Realty
Phone:570. 517. 2428

Agent Info: Agents at USA Realty have 40 years experience in Poconos Real Estate, close to 1150 transactions and are retired CEO of a Poconos Construction company with over 170 custom homes to his credit. As the agency of Real Estate, Camelback Ski Corporation for 11 years, the company was responsible for the sales, marketing and construction of over 350 homes on Camelback Mountain.

Broker of USA Realty

Agents have been a director of the Poconos Builder’s Association, on the US HOME sales team,with EP Carroll Construction at Lake Naomi and the author of the trade book “The 20 Golden Rules of New Home Marketing”. As a candidate for the prestigious “Member Institute of Residential Marketing” program of the National Association of Homebuilders, they have studied the management of Home Building business.

One has degrees from programs such as “Certified New Home Sales Professional”, “Understanding Housing Markets and Consumers” “Marketing Strategies, Plans and Budgets” “Lifestyle Advertising, Promotion Strategies” “How to Organize a Construction Company” and he has attended the “Lee Evans Executive Level (Presidential) Seminar” series with the CEOs of the top 20 US Residential Homebuilding Companies.

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