Duplexes for Sale

Duplexes for sale in the Pocono Mountains Area of PA

Should You Buy a Poconos, Stroudsburg PA, East Stroudsburg PA or Poconos PA Duplex Home

There are positives and negatives to owning a duplex. A duplex allows you to have rental revenue from one side helping to reduce the financial burden of the total mortgage payment. When qualifying for a mortgage in a duplex, traditionally you will qualify as an owner occupied property as long as you will be living in one of the homes. Because of this you will get a loan with a lower interest rate (than an investment owned property) as well as qualify for the normal owner occupied down payment.

Poconos Twins and Multifamily

Buying a duplex may make sense but you must keep the other united rented, to a responsible renter with consistent income to gain a benefit over a single family home.Getting a renter that pays the rent on time and keeps the unit clean and in good condition is the goal, and this is sometimes difficult to do. There is an additional burden of being responsible for maintenance of both homes. Which means you must be prepared to fix and replace broken items in a timely manner along with cleaning the carpets, applying a fresh coat of paint, every so often. Keep in mind that there are more responsibilities with a duplex as opposed to a single family house.

Onsite landlords have a lower probability of tenants damaging property since you live next door.

Owning a duplex has some tax shelter opportunities for most people (please talk to you accountant prior to purchase). One of these is being able to depreciate one-half of the duplex, and deducting the interest on the mortgage for both units

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